Results speak for themselves and so do our clients.

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Jackson Hewitt

Bob Evans Farms

Bob Evans Restaurants


“Sedlock Partners is the most effective PR firm I’ve EVER worked with.”
Thyme Hill, Vice President, Marketing, Bob Evans Farms

“It’s great working with Elizabeth and her team at Sedlock Partners. The team is strategic and focused on results that build the bottom line.”
David Prokupek, CEO, Ideal Image MedSpa

“Working with the Sedlock Partners team [and Bob Evans] has been great. They are thorough in making sure I understand the brand, overall campaign and have provided me with everything I need upfront. While often other agencies and brands seem to not have details until the last minute, it’s a refreshing change to see things handled so efficiently.”
Holly Nilsson, Blogger, Centsless Meals

“The Sedlock Partners team brings top-notch media relations expertise to the table. I’m always impressed by their ability to stay ahead of the game and increase our visibility as a thought leader in our industry.”
Mark Steber, Chief Tax Officer, Jackson Hewitt

“We’ve been working with Elizabeth and her team at Sedlock Partners and couldn’t be more pleased with the relationship. Not only have they been an extension of our marketing team since day one, but they truly understand our business, strengthen our relationships with reporters, and deliver impressive results.”
Euan Campbell, Chief Marking Officer, Jackson Hewitt

“This team gets it and they get the job done. They know our clients are busy and need the most vital information upfront. Sedlock Partners is efficient and professional.”
Zach Rosenfield, EVP, Stan Rosenfield and Associates

“Sedlock Partners makes it easy. We love working with brands but it can be difficult sometimes. Their team was not only smart strategically about the partnership but also made sure every detail was handled.”
Chris Ferren, Red Light Management