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About Us

We’re a highly-entrepreneurial group that loves working with clients who are passionate about their endeavors. Our services are a reflection of our collaborative expertise, free from ineffective processes and outdated thinking. Our output is quicker than you might be used to because we immerse ourselves into your day-to-day grind while still thinking about the bigger picture.

We have a proven track record of getting clients meaningful coverage, coordinating successful events and high-profile partnerships, providing ROI, building relationships, and helping you with the bottom line, among other things.

Our focus isn’t in the time we bill, but in the results we produce.

Elizabeth Sedlock


Elizabeth Sedlock is the founder of Sedlock Partners, a full-service consumer marketing communications agency that specializes in integrated PR programs for Fortune 500 companies. With more than 20 years of experience (she doesn’t want to give too much of a clue to her age), Elizabeth is a senior communications and marketing expert helping both large and small, public and private companies create and manage successful programs, from celebrity partnerships to traditional block & tackle media relations.

As the chief marketing officer of Patients First Healthcare. Elizabeth led all marketing efforts for the consumer-focused healthcare brand, including a large-scale rebranding and successful launch of a full-service cancer center. As a marketing and communications strategist, Elizabeth has provided executive counsel to some the largest consumer, food and restaurant companies in the US, including Bob Evans Farms, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hallmark, Sleep Number, Boston Market, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Anytime Fitness, Con Agra, Steak & Shake, Build-A-Bear, and Energizer. If you’ve met Elizabeth, this bio sounds hilariously dry. In her free time, which is not much, she hangs out with her family and exercises as much as her “sadly getting older” body will allow.

Joe Sedlock


In 2016, Joe Sedlock was tapped to help his wife manage her burgeoning business. Joe’s primary role as the CEO is to keep Elizabeth doing what she loves: advising clients and creating great PR programs, not running payroll.

Prior to joining the team, Joe was an entrepreneur and restaurant owner. Joe’s career started long ago as a B2B salesperson. He provided expert analysis and solutions within the IT managed services and capital manufacturing equipment sectors making his perspective unique. Honed by years of relationship building and problem solving across various industries, he’s been inside the dirtiest of foundries to the cleanest of cleanrooms. He’s helped make nuclear submarines quieter, golf clubs hit farther, circuit boards less prone to short circuits, and safeguarded the data and systems of some of the largest companies in the world.

Joe manages “the back of the house” and helps guide the growing company to ensure sustainable growth and smart hiring. While rarely face-to-face with clients, he’s involved in almost every brainstorm and strategy session.

Joe is a loving father to his five children and, more often than not, is on carpool duty. In his spare time, he enjoys all forms of outdoor activity, but especially hiking. His favorite moments involve having a glass of wine with his wife while enjoying each other’s company. Oh. And baseball. Don’t forget baseball.

Erin Stan

Erin has vast experience working with national brands across CPG and financial industries. Her expertise spans media relations, crisis management, digital, event, and corporate communications.

Erin works to refine communication strategies and programs to best tell the brand story through the lens of current trends and interests. She dives deep into each client relationship to ensure she understands the industry, the product and the unique facets of the company that brings excitement and energy to telling the brand story and then focuses on results.

Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University.

Sam Bartlett

Samantha (Sam) Bartlett is a skilled PR professional who has worked with a variety of industries, including restaurants, food production, agriculture, entertainment, automotive, nonprofit, tourism and small businesses. From media relations and influencer marketing to crisis communications and event strategy, she’s got it covered.

Some of her favorite achievements have been assisting managing a crisis in the national spotlight, spearheading award-winning integrated social media campaigns, earning hundreds of media placements and coordinating multiple successful events.

A recent Boise, Idaho transplant from Columbus, Ohio she enjoys exploring the Gem State, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, sampling local craft beer and spending time with loved ones.

Bartlett graduated from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism with a degree in public relations. (Go Bobcats!)

Ariel Blaustein

Ariel is a communications professional with a solid foundation in media and digital media relations, event planning, social media strategy, community management, strategic branding, and influencer relations. Prior to joining Sedlock Partners, Ariel worked at respected public relations agencies on the East and West coast structuring and managing consumer campaigns that delivered strong press results, and social media campaigns that delivered triple-digit growth in fan base. She has extensive experience with consumer brands, ranging from Hennessy and The J.M. Smuckers Co., to Choice Hotels and Verizon. 

Ariel’s favorite part of her job is working with clients directly to identify the right strategies that will meet the company’s KPIs. She is all about teamwork and ensuring everyone is meeting the same goal at the end of the day.

Ariel currently resides in Philadelphia. In her free time, the center of her life is Louie, her Golden Doodle. She also loves working out at Orange Theory, trying every restaurant throughout the city, and traveling the world. Ariel graduated from Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communications, where she received her B.A. in Strategic Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

Ebony Newman

Ebony joined the team following her role as a Brand Manager for a national CPG brand. Her experience, both on the client and brand side, ranges from consumer packaged goods, personal lines insurance, and restaurants.

Ebony’s most favorite achievements thus far have been securing media placements in national and local outlets for her clients. Each day, her goal is to bring her client’s vision to life through strategic thinking, creativity, and relationship-building.

Ebony recently moved to Atlanta, where she enjoys exploring the city through food, cocktails, and a lot of outdoor activities. Ebony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Cincinnati and is three semesters away from completing her Master’s of Business Administration from Tiffin University. 

Jeremy Rives

Jeremy joined the Sedlock team in February 2020 after starting his communication career at a small digital television network based in Philadelphia. His experience ranges from social media strategy, event marketing, media research, and a strong focus on media relations.

Jeremy’s favorite aspect of working in the public relations field is building strong relationships with the media to deliver powerful results, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Jeremy is based in Philadelphia and when he isn’t workin on his skincare routine, you can catch him strolling down the Schuylkill River Trail with friends. Jeremy graduated magma cum laude from Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communications with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Political Science.

Dogs of Sedlock Partners

Sherlock and Penny Sedlock

Sherlock is a six-year-old mutt rescued from a shelter. He’s highly energetic and anyone holding his favorite frisbee will have his complete attention. He loves to sing with emergency sirens or when the city tests the tornado alarms every Wednesday at noon. He loves to go for walks and always needs to be in the front. Usually, he can be found right next to mom or dad, and maybe this is too much information, but he usually sleeps with his head on dad’s pillow, cheek to cheek with dad. Dislikes: When Penny is mean to other dogs and swimming. Likes: Frisbee, fetch, walks, chasing swallows through a field. Someday maybe he’ll catch one.

Penny, a twelve-year-old chocolate lab, joined the Sedlock family after being rescued from her first two years as a puppy mill. She has an alter ego and the team nicknamed her EOP, Evil Outside Penny. Anyone who has walked her near a squirrel, rabbit, dog, deer, or goose can attest to EOP’s attitude. She loves to walk, although her aging body only lets her go 4 or 5 miles a day and it can’t be too hot. You can usually find her between the kitchen counter and whoever is cooking or grabbing a snack. Otherwise, she’s curled up near mom. Dislikes: Thunderstorms, fireworks, and male dogs. Likes: Swimming, Running (especially if it involves chasing wildlife), food, and anything that might be food.

Arrow Stan

Arrow is a six-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer who got his name for a marking on the back of his neck that resembles an arrowhead. He loves to run free and swim in oceans, rivers or lakes. Even a pond or puddle will suffice. His zest for life is to be admired. Every time he steps foot out the door is as if it’s his first time; a whole new world to conquer. His best friend is his tennis ball and anyone willing to throw said tennis ball. His worst enemies include seagulls, rabbits, rainy days and dogs that are faster than him. If you can’t find him he’s most likely burrowed under the covers of his parent’s bed or laying aside his human sister’s crib.

Louie Blaustein

As the youngest and newest member of the Sedlock Dogs, Louie is a four-month-old Goldendoodle currently living in Philadelphia. Originally hailing from Kinzers, PA, Louie was raised in Amish country among his many brothers and sisters before moving to the big city with his mom, Ariel. An avid traveler, he is constantly on-the-go, often frequenting his vacation homes (as he sees them) in the countryside of Central New Jersey and on the coast of Long Beach Island. When not socializing with other dogs, children, and kind strangers in the Greater Philadelphia Area, he enjoys barking at his mother and stealing used dish rags from the kitchen. Louie is a spry, loving, and gentle young pup; as adorable snuggling up next to you as he is peeing on your carpet (he can’t help himself, he’s just a puppy!).

Joey Rives

Joey, a one-year-old miniature golden retriever, was adopted from Kentucky and became a full-time Pennsyltucky citizen! He is gentle but full of energy and when he gets wound up nothing can stop him from zooming around the coffee table for hours. Joey will go to any length to protect his backyard domain by chasing squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, and rabbits. After living his entire life in a kennel, he loves the outdoors and long walks with his best pal, Jeremy. If he isn’t outside, he is probably on someone’s lap getting his belly rubbed. Be careful not to throw any beach balls near him, he will bark like crazy and run away with his tail between his legs.